NEMT Policies: Start Non Emergency Medical Transportation Business


Medical : Medical and healthcare background Stock PhotoEvery day, thousands of patients and their families face the challenge of arranging medical transportation. Federal and state governments of USA recognize the importance of meeting the transportation needs of medically feeble patients who cannot afford emergency medical haulage. Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) involves getting a patient to and from the source of medical heed when the medical condition is not life intimidating. It includes non-emergency ambulance, mobile assistance vehicles, taxicab, service car, livery or private automobile.

The home health care business is profoundly impacted by law and regulation that are specific to states, counties or municipalities. There are different NEMT policies that you need to follow before starting NEMT business. The disabled people including veterans, people with chronic medical conditions require frequent medical appointments rely profoundly on NEMT businesses to get their medical wants meet.  There is also a great chance of growth of these businesses as the need for specialized transportation services continues to grow enormously. Existing companies and new businesses are venturing in the NEMT business as an additional source of revenue or as an impartial profitable business.

Regulations and requirements needed for medical haulage businesses vary from state to state so, you should make enquiries in the beginning at the local level to find out what your obligations are.

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As you are in the business of transportation of the customers from one place to another, you will need some kind of permit and follow some NEMT policies to make the business successful. Your application of license will be handled by transportation authorities at the state or local level. Due to the nature of this work, some business will also require to be registered with local health authorities.


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